Your Leasing Edge

Your Leasing Edge

Best practices for a home run leasing strategy.

We can all agree that there are two ways to think about the leasing and onboarding processes for prospective residents. The present and the future. Earth shattering, I know! Let me explain…

In some ways, leasing staff rely heavily on amenities, cleanliness, and property appearance to help future residents feel connected to the property and ultimately close the lease. As prospects consider their options, we remind them of all of the good and awesome that our properties have to offer. All of these and more are rooted in the present.

However, your prospect is considering signing a lease with you for 12 whole months and is likely thinking beyond the present and into the future. This commitment has them rationalizing their impending decision by visualizing their commute to and from work, how frustrating or easy the stairs will be to their fourth floor residence after work, and how they will generally find their slice of home amongst hundreds of other people. Their slice of home is the human connection they will make with you, their neighbors, and Anywhere Fitness fitness instructors.

You wear many, many hats.

You work hard to engage your residents beyond the present and into the future, assuring they feel at home and that their needs are met. This is just one of your hats as you wear many simultaneously.

Anywhere Fitness partners across the Southeast share with us that we have given them an edge to their leasing process that they never had before. Anywhere Fitness generously handles some of those hats including fitness instruction, community events and activities, health seminars, and even FitBit consulting.

Residents are assured that the Bootcamp and Yoga classes offered by the property are instructed by trained Anywhere Fitness professionals and offered consistently week-to-week. The same Anywhere Fitness instructor that is also hosting regular health seminars, pool parties and other engaging activities to help residents connect and stay connected to their new home.

The reality is the next 12 months.

munity for many reasons and one of them is likely the top amenities listed when they were touring with you. Maybe it was your Clubhouse, or pet friendly areas and dog parks, or your equipment from Ready Fitness in the state-of-the-art fitness center.

When the next awe-struck resident walks through your Clubhouse doors, consider that they’ve already convinced themselves that they want to live in your community. Anywhere Fitness can help you illustrate the vision for what the next 12 months will not only look like, but feel like.