The Cure for Race Fever is in Your Local Community

The Cure for Race Fever is in Your Local Community

So, you want to run your first 5K, get doused in colored powder as you charge through each mile, or dive head first into a mud-slinging obstacle course because, well, all of those sound awesome?

Take a sneak peek at our race list below!

The spring weather can do wonders for our motivation to get up and get moving and there's no shortage of races to take part in your local community. Whether you're supporting a cause near to your heart or want to run as many races this spring as possible, there's a race for you. Should you train? That's ultimately between you and the laws of science, but we would strongly suggest you prepare your mind and body for the race ahead. Our motivations to want to run the race can be wide and varied and without motivation and willpower, you can expect even the smallest variable, such as a rainy day, to throw you off course. Stay the course by:

  • Choosing a race that is going to be uplifting in their mission, the organization it’s supporting, and even in the people, place, and time it’s being held. If you feel a strong connection to the race, you’re way more likely to train often, train better, and do well on race day.
  • Speaking of rain and skipping your training days - every fitness center we’ve ever seen in our lifetime has at least one treadmill. Of course we recommend that if you’re training for a race, you’ll want to train in the environment, or a similar environment, of that of the actual race. If your race is on a trail, train on the trail. But, don’t let an off weather day deter you from your training schedule and keep pushing forward. You can reward yourself tomorrow when the sun is shining and you run farther and faster.
  • Seek feedback from friends and family who have run a race in the past for advice on what worked for them and what trends to steer clear of. You could also inquire with your Anywhere Fitness Concierge in your apartment fitness center or register for the weekly Bootcamp or group fitness class offered in your community for added endurance training.

"Most runners I meet who hate the 5k, after a little digging, tell me that after the first mile they feel like they are dying. Part of this could come back to a proper warm up, but for most people it’s because they suck at race strategy (no offense). They get all excited and freaked out about how short the race is and think they need to sprint off the line! Try this next time: Run the first mile with your head, the second mile with your focus, and the third mile with your heart. In the first mile, you can’t let any emotion or excitement in at all. Start with a pace you are confident you can maintain and then relax a little bit more. Until you see that one mile marker, all you are allowed to think about is running smart. From 1-2 miles, focus on maintaining your form and start to look around you, taking a survey of which runners around you probably went out too hard, and which ones you should make your prey in the third mile. You are taking some time to strategize for the big battle, and you aren’t allowed to draw your sword until you pass the 2 mile marker! The last mile, start to pick off your victims, and allow your mind to feel gratitude for how powerful and strong your body is. As soon as you can see that finish line, pretend you are Meb running down Boylston St in front of all of America and run with passion, tall and proud!"

Are you ready to run your first or 100th 5k race? The race could be the beginning of your forever fitness lifestyle or the one thing that you’ve unknowingly dismissed as too intense could be just what your body needs to positively shift your mindset. Let us help by sharing our list of databases for races, training options, and trails in your area. Ready, set, GO!


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