Cultivating a Healthy Workforce: Why Investing in Health Increases Your Bottom Line

Cultivating a Healthy Workforce: Why Investing in Health Increases Your Bottom Line

Not only can healthy habits such as exercise and nutritious eating help individuals lose weight and reach their goals, but these habits, especially when reinforced by an employer, can contribute to overall work-life balance and employee engagement. If you’re a CEO or the owner of a small business: that’s great, but you’re probably thinking what’s in it for you. Why spend money and time implementing a wellness program?

Maintaining a healthy workforce can lower costs such as insurance premiums, worker’s compensation, and additionally can lower indirect costs such as absenteeism and employee productivity.

For Example, Fred is hired as a Sales Executive at your company. He starts off great: high-energy, motivated, and it’s easy for him to enjoy the work. Over the next couple of months, Fred gets super busy with all of the incoming leads, outbound proposals, and the day-to-day. He loses sight of his health, starts eating poorly due to stress, and he says he “can’t find time” to make it to the gym. Believe it or not, Fred’s going to start slacking off. He might be at the office for 12 hours, but how many of those hours are actually productive? Is he producing anything, closing anything, when he can’t get rid of his brain fog or concentrate? The answer is no.

Fred needs a work-life balance, and part of that is the incorporation of healthy habits. You, as Fred’s employer, leader, and example, can help implement that, so Fred can be happy, healthy, and SELL to increase your revenue.

There are many ways to implement a wellness culture, but it starts with a supportive environment which provides access for employees to engage in health & fitness activities throughout the year. Some examples employers can provide include education classes & seminars related to health & fitness, access to local fitness facilities, employee health insurance benefits for participation in the program(s), workplace health assessments, and on-site corporate fitness classes.

So, who’s doing it?

Big names such as Fitbit, BP, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter all have ongoing wellness programs. It’s becoming more and more commonplace to offer some portion of a wellness program, though, after all of the benefits these impressive companies have experienced. Fitbit, as a company, also helps others with their wellness programs by offering Fitbits as part of corporate challenges and consulting based on results.

BP hosts a “run a 1-million-step-challenge” where employees who hit that number over one year are eligible for a less costly health insurance plan. Other companies implement health screenings on-premises, and the results are tied directly to that employee’s health premium and deductible.

There are many pieces that go into a corporate wellness program, which will depend on the needs of the organization, but the key is that you don’t need a big budget to create incentives for employees to benefit from throughout the year. Small rewards go a long way, and when an employee is motivated by a reward, it will make the habit that much more fun, which in turn will make your company much more successful with happier, healthier employees.

The main benefits experienced by companies who have implemented corporate wellness programs include increased productivity, performance, employee engagement, and reduction of health costs. According to the Health Enhancement Research Organization, in their study Exploring the value Proposition for Workforce Health, which was a survey completed by 500 business leaders all over the U.S. (across industries and company sizes), productivity and performance were the top two business priorities influenced by health, followed by employee engagement and reduced health costs. Start examining how you can consider a corporate wellness program part of your business strategy. You will reap the benefits.

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Shannon Corson, Anywhere Fitness Regional Manager

Shannon is an ACSM & ACE-Certified Personal Trainer specializing in fitness nutrition. She manages an incredible team of personal trainers & group fitness instructors in the Atlanta area with Anywhere Fitness. She has implemented multiple wellness programs at mid-size organizations over the past 4 years where she witnessed first-hand the positive impact they can have on not only the health of the individual, but the health of the organization.