5 Health Value-Adds to Improve Occupancy

5 Health Value-Adds to Improve Occupancy

Multi-family living has pivoted its focus beyond affordability to lifestyle elements that are increasing in importance to tenants. The renting pool has grown to 31% of Americans and continues to grow in lieu of competitive mortgage rates (Obrinskey, M 2016).

While occupancy of rent paying city dwellers is increasing, so are the health related concerns like obesity, heart disease, and CVD (Hill, J 2014). Management companies and developers are staying ahead of the curve by implementing new strategies to improve the quality of life of their clientele.

More now than ever, industry leaders are remaining relevant by providing convenient health related programs to endure the rental uproar for as long a possible. Check out the most popular trends below.

Lighted Walking Trails

Lighted walking trails are no new gimmick and have been implemented in communities all over the world because they continue to promote activity for residents which is a major leasing advantage for community tours. (picture)

Bike rentals and Maintenance Kiosks

Our friends at Dero know a thing or two about bike parking.

State-of-the-art Fitness Centers

Design your fitness center with the experts at Ready Fitness. They understand your goals and how important a state-of-the-art fitness is to your bottom line.

Live Group Fitness Classes by Anywhere Fitness

Your residents are going from work to the gym, from class to the Campus Rec Center and on the weekends they're headed to Yoga in the park. They are craving live classes and activity where they live.

Healthy Prepared Meal Delivery

Staying on track or jumping on the track, Nourish and K Squared Meals keep us accountable.