4 Tips to 5 Stars: Fill Vacancies with Reviews

4 Tips to 5 Stars: Fill Vacancies with Reviews

It’s no surprise that leasing in a fast-paced, mobile-first society can be difficult. Gone are the days of a lead calling or dropping by to ask about what everything looked like, the price, and what was available. Today, leads can quickly and easily find this and more information about your community through an online search. Most spend more time window shopping online and less time on an actual tour.

They also spend time reading your reviews.

As it’s very difficult, if not next to impossible, to have a unsavory review of your community removed from Google, it’s essential that you stay ahead of it. Churning out new positive reviews should be a staple task and process within your marketing plan.

  1. Drive the process to obtain positive reviews. Have a plan. By incorporating “Obtain Positive Review” in your lease end/check out process or at some other point in the leasing life cycle, you’re much more likely to succeed. The gold is in creating a consistent process for your property.

  2. Follow through on reviewer feedback. You’re going to learn a lot about your property in both positive and negative ways. This opportunity is meant to share those positive aspects of your community with new leads, but it’s also a great time to acquire actionable feedback to fix issues that are keeping you from 5 star reviews.

  3. Google rules and follow them. Obtaining a positive review can sometimes be simple, but actually getting someone to write that review is difficult. It’s often too easy to break out freebies, rewards, bonus cash, and other incentives to encourage people to write reviews. Heck, you may be even tempted to write one for the property yourself. This is a no-go for Google and we suggest digging into the policies HERE.

  4. Churn reviews when you’re flying high. Are your residents having a blast at your summer kick off BBQ party at the pool? Or did an Anywhere Fitness class just have an amazing workout? Reviews don’t always have to come at “the end” of the relationship. Ask for reviews at the height of satisfaction. For example, turn resident-shared posts on social media into reviews. Thank them for coming out and posting about their experience on their Facebook (and tagging you) then ask if they would be willing to share that content in a Google review.

Customer reviews are currently the most considered and trusted factor when considering viewing your property. In a recent study, 52% of consumers reported that positive customer reviews make them more likely to use a local business compared to just 28%, who make their selection based on other factors like location and price (Hubspot).

The point is, positive customer reviews make the company appear more transparent and ethical, increasing the likelihood of a customer to take interest in said property.

In the end, you’ll find that providing adequate social proof and reviews to your marketing plan, you’ll be very satisfied to be selling less and brand storytelling more. Storytelling about the things that your residents love most about living in your community, not from a survey or what you think you know. Now you do know and so does your next potential lead from the long list of positive reviews about your community.

Here’s to 5 glowing stars!