Opinion: Does my apartment make me fat?

Opinion: Does my apartment make me fat?

In the past decade, Apartment living has become a lifestyle of freedom and style. The sleek buildings with elevators taking you to rooftop pools caters to a luxurious lifestyle on a budget. Little did we know that these new luxurious urban lifestyles may be costing us a lot more. As crazy as it sounds, there are a lot of reasons why living in an apartment can help you pack on weight if you’re not careful.

Here are a few conveniences at your luxurious home that may be the culprit and ways to enjoy them while staying fit.

  1. Elevators - Ah, the ever-popular elevator. Do you really need to take the elevator again today? The stairs to your third floor apartment are right there and you wore your comfortable flats today. You may even be going home to change for your workout, so why not get a head start on boosting your heart rate?

  2. Bright Colors - Did you know bright and “fun” colors encourage a natural response for comfort and potentially overeating? Fitday.com schools us on the psychology of color in food, but imagine what a bright space could do for your waistline?

  3. Convenient Dining - It’s too easy. Many apartment buildings lease their bottom floor to restaurants. After a long day at the office or stuck in traffic makes this pit stop for a slice of pizza or a burger and fries the best option in the moment. Try subscribing to a healthy meal service to have your meals planned and paid for waiting at home for you.

  4. Valet Trash Service - It’s quite possibly the nicest and most luxurious part of your beautiful apartment community. No way is the pool, close parking, gated entries, or heated sidewalks even remotely better than your trash and recyclables being hauled off without any effort. But, think of the steps you could rack up and the calories you would burn hauling that hefty bag of junk to the garbage? Think about it.

  5. Groceries - Urban living requires a serious grocery plan. No longer can you into your temperature controlled garage and haul it in side a few steps away. It takes some commitment and strategy. Instead of having Shipt or Instacart deliver your groceries, create a mini challenge out of it. Once groceries are purchased you have to make several trips to your apartment with your goods. You may want to pass out after, but it sure makes for a great, sometimes unexpected, workout.

  6. No Yard to Mow - A given as much of your community is likely a concrete jungle and what is lush and green is handled by a grounds crew. You know, the ones that wake you up at 7am on a Saturday blowing off the sidewalks. Grinding out yard work even on the nicest of days isn’t all that pleasurable although admittedly increases your heart rate and is a great cardio and sometimes strength training workout. Add a few dips and hills do your landscape and you’ve got a nice leg exercise that’ll be the envy of your gym buddies. Since you don’t have a yard to mow you’ll want to maintain your healthy lifestyle with similar moves in the gym.

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