Apartment Living: A Nashville Yogi Perspective

Apartment Living: A Nashville Yogi Perspective

Authored by: Grace Higginbotham

As a yoga teacher who lives in Nashville, I like to be in the middle of the action… I mean who wouldn’t want that, right? That’s why I chose my apartment over living in a more traditional suburb.

The main thing that I found so attractive was that it came with a fully equipped yoga studio! So, I can practice anytime I want. Plus, I have recently partnered up with a local fitness concierge company that lets me teach my neighbors in our fitness center. How amazing is that?

Not to mention, the location of my apartment is surrounded by everything I need. I am literally walking distance from ALDI and Kroger grocery stores, a slew of local eateries and funky shops, an awesome veterinarian for my dog, record store, library, dentist… the list seriously goes on and on. With so many perks just footsteps away, it certainly pushes one to look at urban living as their first option when choosing Nashville.

How does a yoga, health or fitness professional choose their apartment?

Here is what helped me decide:

DOES THIS COMMUNITY OFFER A SPACE FOR ME TO PRACTICE AT MY CONVENIENCE? - If the answer is yes, then I suggest looking further into what else they offer.

DOES YOUR APARTMENT COMMUNITY ALLOW YOU TO SHARE YOUR PRACTICE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS? - This can not only serve as a great way to stay on top of your goals, but might also become a great avenue to meet new friends and be a familiar face around your apartments.

IS YOUR NEW COMMUNITY IN A LOCATION THAT IS CLOSE TO EVERYTHING? - Check out the surrounding neighborhoods. Many of these new apartments are just footsteps away from all things shopping, eating and fun!

AS A YOGA TEACHER, DOES YOUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD OFFER THE POTENTIAL TO PARTNER WITH COMMUNITY MEMBERS FOR EVENTS? - Maybe you opt to offer up your skills in semi regular events around your neighborhood. This gives you a chance to highlight your knowledge or your brand and create some great contacts, memories and new opportunities.